SwissPlus ID

Injectable & Implantable Microchips for Human, Animal, Marine & Industrial ID.


IOT for Agriculture. Design & Manufacture of Sensors & Devices in NB-IoT, CATM1 and LoRa


Multi frequency RFID experts. Advice and supply of UHF labels, devices & readers.

4D Technology Co

RFID Encryption, LF temp sensors, non-shared ICAR code & multi encryption reader solutions.

4 IoT

Everything IOT: NB-IoT, LoRaWAN Sensors, Gateways and network connectivity.


Consultancy related to Animal Identification, RFID & SmartTag Traceability Solutions.

TV Training

On Camera, in studio and on location. Presenter Training for video & digital communication.

VidiVizion Media

Video, Digital & Social media marketing & Communication. Advice and creation.

Creating Identification Solutions since 1947

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Targeting Multiple Market Verticles

While specialising in the animal identification sector our protfolio of investments and support has diverged into a variety of other Identification verticles and now incorporates Digital Marketing and communications

Cloud Data Servers

Multiple devices and nodes reporting to our cenral cloud database and offering connecticity for analysis.

Digital Connectivity

IoT and interconnected data is more important than ever and adapting a brand and communictaion strategy essential.

Agricultural Focus

Investing in all things agriculture with some diversification in our portfolio. Primarily technology related.